Welcome to K8ilyEverAfter

Welcome to K8ilyEverAfter.com, my Portfolio site. Here you can find all of my art works, web design work, writing and much much more.

So what do you do?

I’m a bit of a renascence woman when it comes to what I do, but a lot of Carnegie Mellon Grads are.  I’m an artist, and while I can paint, and draw, I prefer sculpture the best. I design websites like a graphic designer and I do graphic design like an artist. I work a little bit in sound editing, video editing and writing music. I also love to write. Most of my work consists of blog posts written for my Disney Blog, Disneykate.com as well as guest posts and commissioned pieces for other blogs as well.

What are your Favorite Pieces

While I always try to put my absolute best effort into every piece I work on, I do have a few favorites, here they are: